Untitled Saturday, December 4, 1920

The monthly meeting of this Council was held in the Keswick Town Hall on Thursday evening.

Present:--Messrs. H. Swinburn (chairman). H. Stuart, H. Swinburn (St. John’s), G. Watson,  G. W. Dent, W. Lowes and Miss Dover,                   with Mr. J. Broatch (clerk).




Mr. H. T. Pape ws granted an interview to plead the cause of the unemployed discharged soldiers, and stated that having attended an important meeting in London a fortnight ago, he returned to awaken enthusiasm in Keswick. At a meeting of those interested on Saturday, it was suggested that the Urban District Council might ask the County Council to proceed with the alteration of Borrowdale Road, particularly as the winter was the worst time for men in Keswick to obtain employment. The Urban District Council had also new lavatories in contemplation, and it would help to remove unemployment if these could be proceeded with now. Thirty names had been given to him of ex-service men out of work, but he was glad to say he had placed eight. The bulk of the 22 remaining had seen three to five years war service. He was advertising the different occupations and trying to get people to take the men. Unless an interest was taken in the youngest soldiers there was nothing before them but to become general labourers all their lives, and this was most disheartening to men who had given the best years of their lives to the country. Both he and the men would be pleased if the Council could do anything to assist the fmding of employment.


The Chairman said that as the father of a soldier he had the fullest sympathy with what Mr. Pape had placed before them. The Council had appointed ex-service men as surveyor, rate collector, foreman, several roadmen, lamplighters, and at its last meeting the clock-winder. They would continue to study the interests of ex-service men, and would urge their contractors to do the same.


Borrowdale Road straightening was a matter for the County Council, and the erection of lavatories was being held up by the Ministry of Health, but an effort would be made to expedite matters, and the Council would do all that lay in its power. There were handicaps in the way of rates, and Ministries. He was also sure that individual members would do the same to the utmost of their capacity. Mr. Pape left after thanking the Council for giving him a hearing.

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