MAURICE ROBINSON DENNISON  age 19  783 Sqd F.A.A  H.M.S. Condor 12th  July 1942                   

Son of Robert and Elsie Dennison, of Leonard St, Keswick. Buried St Johns, Keswick. H.M.S Condor was a shore base near Arbroath, Maurice died after an air crash.

WILLIAM DOWLING age 37  Sgt  Royal Marines 14th September 1942                                                                          

Son of Samuel and Annie Dowling; husband of Sarah Jane Dowling, of Keswick.  Buried St Johns, Keswick


WALTER ROGER MARSHALL-A'DEANE age 38 Cdr. RN, D S O, D S C, A M   22nd May 1941

   On 22 May 1941 HMS Greyhound (Cdr. Walter Roger Marshall-A'Deane, DSO, DSC, RN) was  sunk by  3 bombs from  8 German Stuka (Ju-87) dive bombers in the Kithera Channel about 8 nautical miles north-west of Antikithera island, Greece in position 36º00'N, 23º10'E during the battle for Crete. The three inch gun continued to fire until wiped out by the third bomb, the 0.5 inch machine-guns went on firing to the last, she sank in four minutes, the destroyers Kandahar and Kingston went to the rescue of the Greyhounds crew and under savage bombing and machine gun attack picked up a number of officers and ratings including the captain Commander Marshall-A`Deane.

Later in the day while HMS Kandahar was picking survivors from the sinking HMS Fiji, Commander Marshall A`Deane having spotted a  man in difficulties in the water dived overboard and swam into the darkness to help him and was not seen again, for this gallent attempt he was posthumously awarded the Albert Medal.


    H.M.S. Greyhound, built Barrow in Furness, commissioned 31st January 1936

FRANCIS PATRICK  age 26  A.B.   Royal Navy   7th February  1943                                                                                         

Son of Frank and Jane Patrick; husband of Eleanor Patrick, of Keswick, Cumberland. 

 At 17.08 hours on 7 Feb, 1943 H.M.L.C.I.(L) 162  was torpedoed by U-596  en route from Oran to Algiers, exploded and sank with all hands.



THOMAS RUMNEY   age 18  Stoker  Royal Navy   21st August 1942                                                                       

Son of William George and Mary Ellen Rumney, of Keswick.  Buried St Johns, Keswick. 

Died of wounds received during the DIEPPE raid 19th Aug 1942, he was on the French Ship Chasseur 13 then under Royal Navy command.

NORMAN  H. TYSOE   age 21   Merchant Navy  M.V. Inverlee 19th October 1941

M.V. Inverlee was a tanker,  Master Thomas Edward Alexander on passage from Trinidad for Gibralter with 13.880 tons of Admiralty fuel oil when at 3 am on October 19 1941 she was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-204 some 30 miles 240° from Cape Spartel. The master, 20 crew members and one gunner were lost. 17 crew members and four gunners were picked up by the British destroyer leader HMS Duncan (D 99) (LtCdr A.N. Rowell) and the British armed trawlers HMS Lady Hogarth (4.89) (Lt S.G. Barnes) and HMS Haarlem (FY 306) (Lt L.B. Merrick) and landed at Gibraltar.

During the night of  15/16 Oct 1941  U-204 put in to Cadiz for refueling by German supply ship Thalia. The boat then went to station near Cape  Spartel, Morocco, as part of Breslau group, awaiting the departure of convoy HG-75 from Gibraltar. On the 19th U-204 is belived to have sunk the tanker MV Inverlee (br 9158t) WSW of Cap Spartel. She was immediately hunted and located by the sloop HMS Rochester (Cdr) C B Allen and the corvett HMS Mallow (Lt) W R B Noall.  U-204 was sunk in depth charge attacks - with the loss of all hands ( 46 ).

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