ALAN ABBOTT    age 40     2nd/5th Bt  Yorkshire Light Infantry / Middx Rgt    27th November 1917

Son of Joseph and Dinah Abbott of High Hill, Keswick,   husband of Annie living at 2 Hoddon Place, Headingley, Leeds

Penrith Herald 29th Dec 1917

Word has been received in Keswick that Private Allan Abbott, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Abbott of High Hill, Keswick, has been killed in action in France on 27th November.  Deceased was a old Crosthwaite School boy and became apprenticed to to Mr T.R.Hayes and was one of the first to be taught Alpine gardening, and the fourth that has been killed from the old hands of that famous Lake Rd establishment.  From Mr Hayes, Private Abbott went to Headingley, Leeds, and was there when war broke out.  He enlisted in the Yorkshire Light Infantry, and was later transferred to the Middlesex Rgt.  Deceased was a brother of trooper William Abbott who was killed along with Major Wilson at the battle of Shangani River, South Africa, in their gallant stand against overwhelming numbers of  Matabele on 4th December 1893, his deed being recorded in Canon Rawnsley`s book on Heroes. He was brother-in-law of Mr Powley the well known Keswick driver.

GEORGE  ARMSTRONG   age 28  Pte  51506  24th Btn Royal Welsh Fusiliers  (formally 3332 Border Rgt)  9th September1918

Son of William and the late Mary Armstrong, of Bassenthwaite Lake Station, Cockermouth, Cumberland. William was the signalman at Bassenthwaite Lake Station.  George was a member of the Cumberland and Westmorland Police prior to the war.  Buried at Terlincthun British Cemetery which is on the northern outskirts of Boulogne.

FRED ATKINSON     age 26   Pte  23436  7th Btn Border Rgt       7th August  1916

   Son of George and Jane  Atkinson, of Scales, Threlkeld.  Killed in action


THOMAS VICTOR ATKINSON    age 21    Pte 8th Btn Royal Scots     12th April 1918

Son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. and Jane Atkinson, of 12, Goddard St., Bloemfontein, South Africa. Native of keswick, family were living on Church Street in 1901. Ploegsteert Memorial, south of Ypres commemorates more than 11,000 servicemen of the United Kingdom and South African forces who died in this sector during the First World War and have no known grave.

THOMAS  BANKS    age 34    Pte   26347   7th Btn  South Lancs Rgt      6th January 1918

Son of John and Mary Banks,  living on Wordsworth St, Keswick in 1901.  Commemerated on the Thiepval Memorial, the Memorial to the Missing of the Somme, bears the names of more than 72,000 officers and men of the United Kingdom and South African forces who died in the Somme sector before 20 March 1918 and have no known grave.

VICTOR BARNES     age 30  Pte 15837  7th Btn Border Rgt     28th October 1917

  Son of Susannah Barnes. of East House, Newlands, Keswick, and the late Dixon Barnes. Killed in action, commemerated on the Tyne Cot Memorial which bears the names of almost 35,000 officers and men whose graves are not known.

GEOFFRY BATESON   age 19  Pte Machine Gun Corps    24th November 1918

Son of Joshua and Sarah Bateson, of 4, Catherine Cottages, Keswick, Cumberland. Died as a prisoner of war, buried in the  Commonwealth plot at Berlin South-Western Cemetery.

ALFRED BELL   age 37   Pte 11th Btn Border Rgt    18th November 1916

Born at Wythburn, Son of John Bell and Dinah ( Weightman ) ,  Brother of Mrs F Thompson, Brigham Lodge, Keswick, he worked for Manchester Corporation at Thirlmere before the war. Commemerated on the Thiepval Memorial.

       Wythburn Church Memorial

      AGED 37 YEARS


EDWIN  BELL    Pte   Queens  Royal West Surrey Rgt  ( Formerly Middx Rgt )   10th April 1917

   Of Brooklyn House, Threlkeld,  died of wounds, buried at St. Sever Cemetery Extension, during the First World War, Commonwealth camps and hospitals were stationed on the southern outskirts of Rouen. A base supply depot and the 3rd Echelon of General Headquarters were also established in the city. Almost all of the hospitals at Rouen remained there for practically the whole of the war. They included eight general, five stationary, one British Red Cross and one labour hospital, and No. 2 Convalescent Depot. A number of the dead from these hospitals were buried in other cemeteries, but the great majority were taken to the city cemetery of St. Sever. In September 1916, it was found necessary to begin an extension, where the last burial took place in April 1920.

ROBERT BERTRAM   age 33   Pte 16079  8th Border Rgt    10th April 1918

Son of Mary Bertram, of High Briery, Keswick, and the late John Bertram; husband of Mary Elizabeth Bertram, of 29, Rose Terrace, Keswick, Cumberland. First entered France 29th September 1915,  Ploegsteert Memorial commemorates more than 11,000 servicemen of the United Kingdom and South African forces who died in this sector during the First World War and have no known grave. The memorial serves the area from the line Caestre-Dranoutre-Warneton to the north, to Haverskerque-Estaires-Fournes to the south, including the towns of Hazebrouck, Merville, Bailleul and Armentieres, the Forest of Nieppe, and Ploegsteert Wood. The original intention had been to erect the memorial in Lille. Those commemorated by the memorial did not die in major offensives, such as those which took place around Ypres to the north, or Loos to the south. Most were killed in the course of the day-to-day trench warfare which characterised this part of the line, or in small scale set engagements, usually carried out in support of the major attacks taking place elsewhere.

GEORGE  LAWSON  BIRD    age 28      Pte  23847  1st Btn Border Rgt   4th July 1917

    Son of James and Elizabeth Bird, of Rosthwaite, Keswick, Cumberland. Buried at Bard Cottage Cemetery, the village of Boesinghe (now Boezinge) directly faced the German line across the Yser canal. Bard Cottage was a house a little set back from the line, close to a bridge called Bard's Causeway, and the cemetery was made nearby in a sheltered position under a high bank.

The sad news reached Rosthwaite on Tuesday morning that Private G. Bird, son of Mr: and Mrs. Bird, Rosthwaite, Post Office, had been killed on 4th July.
His friend, writing to Miss Hackett, Royal Oak Hotel, Rosthwaite, states that Private Bird was killed by a German machine gun bullet. " I am writing to you," be says, "because I am not sure of his home address without going    to head-quarters and as he had left a card in the dug out with your address on I thought it best to write to you so that you could break the sad news to his parents at home if it does not happen to get through before.
A party of us were told off to act as a covering party to a working party who were digging a trench. George and I, who have always been the best of pals since meeting a few months ago, were both included in covering party. We went out and carried our duties out all right and got safely back into the trench. We then started to make our way back towards home but owing to the trench being so very muddy we ventured to get out and go along the top and it was then that the poor fellow was hit. The bullet pasted through his head, but he suffered no pain he was unconscious from the first till he passed quietly away about half as hour later on his way down to the aid post. He will be laid to rest sometime to-day behind the lines when I hope to be present. Private Bird was the most sincere mate I have ever had and was
very popular in his company, I will now conclude with deepest sympathy for you and his parents at home.

CECIL  WALKER   BIRKBECK      age 22   5th  Btn  Border Rgt     21st  July 1919

Son of Sarah Birkbeck, of Stanger House, Stanger St., Keswick, and the late Thomas Henry Birkbeck. Drapers assistant living at 40 Main St, Keswick on enlistment 24th September 1915, contracted tuberculosis April 1916 and discharged as no longer fit for military service 3rd June 1916  with 60% war disability pension, he never recovered and is buried at Crosthwaite     

JAMES  BIRKETT          age 43    Air Mechanic  Royal Air Force    7th  July  1921

Son of Ann Birkett, of Portinscale, Keswick, and the late Joseph Birkett, husband of Sarah Jane Birkett, of 4, Leonard St., Keswick.
James and his father were both blacksmiths, James is buried at Crosthwaite.

JOHN  BIRKETT     age 26     Gunner  9171   D Bty  104th Brigade   Royal Field Artillery    9th August 1916

  Eldest son of Isaac and Sarah Birkett, of 3, Tithebarn Court, Keswick, Cumberland. Worked at Thornthwaite mines before the war, enlisted 1914, enlisted September 1914, landed France June 1915, killed by a shell while laying field telephone wires, buried Pozieres British Cemetery, North East of Albert.

DOUGLAS  BLACKBURN    age  30    Lcpl  No.1 Coy. 3rd Bn Grenadier Guards    17th  October 1915                                             

Son of Douglas and Frances Blackburn, of 16, Musgrave St., Castletown, Penrith commemerated on the Loos memorial


GEORGE NICHOLSON BLAMIRE     age 22  Serjeant 4542  7th Border Rgt   23 April 1917

Son of Mr. Tom and Mary Blamire ( Nicholson ), of 2, High Briery, Keswick, Cumberland. Entered France 26th September 1915. Commemerated on the Arras Memorial.

JOSEPH  R.  BLAMIRE   age 20     Pte 13522  8th Border Rgt    22nd October 1916

    Son of Mr. Tom and Mary Blamire ( Nicholson ), of 2, High Briery, Keswick, Cumberland. Enlisted 9th September 1914, entered France 25th September 1915, died of wounds recieved in action, buried at Bouzincourt Communal Cemetery Extension 3 kilometres north-west of Albert on the road to Doullens, Bouzincourt was used as a field ambulance station from early in 1916 to February 1917, when the Allied line went forward from the Ancre.

Amongst Keswick lads killed in France on Sunday, 22nd October, was Private Jos. Blamire, Border Regiment, son of Mr. T. Blamire, High Briery, who received official information on Monday. Quartermaster Sergt. Harry Clarke, a well-known Keswickian, also wrote stating that at the time of his death Private Blamire was cooking for the battalion signallers. "The Germans started shelling the place where he was, and poor Joe was hIt in the head with a piece of shell. He did not suffer any pain, being killed instantly. We are all sorry to lose him, for he was a general favourite, and, of course, has been with the battalion since its formation. All ranks in the company join with me in offering our deepest sympathy in your great bereavement." Blamire had been previosly wounded, but only slightly, and returned to the trenches without coming to England. For about four years, until the outbreak, of the war, he was a member of the 1st Keswick Scouts, and, though only a small-built youth, he persisted "in his endeavour to do "his bit' for his country, and volunteered with the big batch of Keswickians who went off in October, 1914. Twenty years of age, he was of a lively disposition, and kept any company he happened to be amongst in right good humour. He was an old Brigham scholar, and, like his father, worked at the Briery Bobbin Mill prior to the war.
"He was of a bright and cheerful disposition and full of good humour," wrote "P. S. T.,"  "and if an opportunity for a prank upon his chums occurred he did not allow it to pas, his Scoutmaster not infrequently being the victim, but all his boyish tricks ware free from malice, and were taken in good part by the subjects, He was always eager to do his companions a good turn, and was a ready volunteer when any work was to be done, and proved himself a real handy man. He will be missed by his brother scouts and scoutmaster."

JAMES  ELLWOOD   BOADLE    age 21   Pte 13682   Border Rgt  18th April 1917

Son of James Boadle and Sarah Jane ( Ellwood ), of 3, Southey St., Keswick. Buried St Johns, Keswick

WILLIAM  WALLACE  BOUSTEAD     age 30   Pte 23503  10th Border Rgt  14th June 1918

Son of the late Christopher Murray  and Annie Boustead. Enlisted 13th December 1915, buried St Johns, Keswick

TAYLOR  BOUSTEAD   age 27  Pte 7th Border Rgt   23rd April 1917

Son of the late Christopher Murray Boustead and Annie Boustead. Killed in action,  Bay 6 Arras Memorial

LAURENCE  BOUSTEAD  age 30   Pte 23505   7th Border Rgt   23rd April 1917

Son of the late Christopher Murray Boustead and Annie Boustead. Killed in action,  Bay 6 Arras Memorial

EDWIN  JOHN  BOOW    age 24   Pte  21834 2nd Btn Border Rgt   1st July 1916

  Son of John and Elizabeth Ann Boow, Field House, Borrowdale have received official notice of the death of their eldest son Pte Edwin Boow, who was killed in the great advance in France on 1st July.  deceased enlisted 25th May 1915 and proceeded to France 17th December 1915.  Previous to enlisting he had worked for Mr Leyland at the Borrowdale quarrys. He was highly respected by the inhabitants of Borrowdale to whom he had endeared himself by his cheerful and kindly disposition. Buried at Dantzig Alley Cemetery, Mametz  

THOMAS HENRY BOWRON    age 24     5th 241433  Btn Border Rgt   8th November   1917

Son of Thomas and Margaret Bowron, of 1, Church Terrace, Shap, Westmorland, born Keswick , enlisted  9th December 1915, entered France 13th July 1916, died of wounds recieved 6th November 1917 ( mustard gas shell ), bured at Dozinghem Military Cemetery north-west of Poperinge near Krombeke.                         

EDWARD KENTIGERN  BOWLER     age 22   Pte 27747   Machine Gun Corps    12 August   1916                                                    

Son of Staff. Q.M.S. Bowler (Royal Army Service Corps) and Mrs. W. J. Bowler, living at 25 Church St, Keswick in 1901. Entered France 28th November 1914, died of wounds, buried at Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension, east of Amiens.

JOHN MOFFAT BRAGG    age 20    8th Btn Border Rgt    7 July 1916                                                                                                     

   Eldest son of Clement and Hannah Bragg, of Bridge House, St. John's Vale, Keswick, Cumberland. He was a carter for Mr Dawson, Threlkeld before the war and enlisted at Keswick 13th November 1915,  landed France 28th April 1916, died of wounds ( arm, side and shoulder ) recieved on 3rd July 1916 and buried at Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension between Amiens and Arras.

FRED BROWNRIGG    Pte 307066  2nd/8th Lancashire Fusiliers    29th July 1917

    Much sympathy is felt for Mrs. Wm. Lawson, 18, King's Head Court, Keswick, who, this week has received word from the War Office that her son, Private, Frederick Brownrigg, has died on his country's service. Pte. Brownrigg was the elder, son of Mrs. Lawson's first husband; the late Mr. Joseph- Brownrigg. He was so keen to serve his country that he enlisted before he reached army age, and was barely' nineteen years old when he met his  death on the battlefield. As stretcher 'bearer in the Lancashire Fusiliers he saw much service immediately behind the firing line, and had some very narrow escapes. Whilst rescuing wounded comrades on 27th July be received terrible injuries from an enemy shell and succumbed two days later. Previous to enlisting he was serving his apprenticeship with Mr. J. B. Fleming, grocer, Market-square, and for some time he was errand boy for Mrs. Francis, Station-street, and both his employers speak of him with the highest praise. He is an old Crosthwaite School boy. It stepfather, Gunner Wm. Lawson, enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery at the first call for then in August, 1914, buried Coxyde Military Cemetery.

JAMES  BROWNRIGG  age 29  Pte  113521   Machine Gun Corps   12th Dec 1917

Son of Robert and Jane Brownrigg, living on New St , Keswick in 1891,  Kirkee Memorial commemorates more than 1,800 servicemen who died in India during the First World War.

WILLIAM BUTTERWORTH  age 27  Pte 357183    1st/10th Bn  King's (Liverpool Regiment)  12th July  1918

  Son of William and Margaret Butterworth,  29 Wordsworth Street, Keswick. Worked as a grocer before the war. Died as P.O.W and buried at Cologne Southern Cemetery





DAVID CANNON   age 35  Pte  51759   24th  Btn Manchester Rgt  ( Formerly Border Rgt )    30 September 1917

Son of Daniel and Margaret Cannon of Bassenthwaite ; husband of Jessie Barnes (formerly Cannon), of High Abbey, Embleton, Cockermouth, Cumberland.  Commemerated at Tyne Cot Memorial

GEORGE MOUNSEY CARTMEL  age 25  Pte 2170  West Yorkshire Regiment  24th December 1915

Son of Elizabeth Cartmel, of 8, West Cliffe Terrace, Harrogate, and the late Isaac Cartmel. born Portinscale, CumberlandFirst entered France 15th April 1915, The land south of Essex Farm at Boezinge North of Ypres was used as a dressing station cemetery from April 1915 to August 1917. The burials were made without definite plan and some of the divisions which occupied this sector may be traced in almost every part of the cemetery, but the 49th (West Riding) Division buried their dead of 1915 in Plot I.

JOHN  W.  CARTMELL  age 33       Pte 240496   Royal Lancaster Rgt    4th June 1918

Son of Isaac and Elizabeth Cartmel, of  No 5 Stanger St., Keswick. Buried at Crosthwaite

JAMES CHAPMAN MM   age 25  Cpl  23381  2nd Border Rgt    26th October 1917

  Son of John and Grace ( Hindmoor ),  husband of Florence May Chapman, of 17 Southy Street, Keswick, they had been married only five weeks when James was killed, she was awarded a pension of 15 shillings a week from 24th June 1918.

  Word came on Thursday that James Chapman who was reported missing since 26th October,   had been killed on that date.   His parents John and Grace Chapman ( Hindmoor ), of 15, Leonard St., Keswick, were told in a letter that Cpl  Chapman went  over the top in charge of a lewis gun team and was soon after hit in the head and killed outright.  James had  been a shoe maker for Mr Ritson, Station St, before enlisting on 4th December 1915, he went to  France 23rd June 1916 and was recommended for  the Military Medal on the 3rd of Oct 1917, gazetted 25th Jan 1918.  Commemerated on the Tyne Cot Memorial which bears the names of almost 35,000 officers and men whose graves are not known.


JOHN STAINTON CLARK   age 25   Pte 4640  20th Btn  Royal Fusiliers   20th July 1916

     Son of Charles and Elizabeth Clark , Stanger St, Keswick.  He went to France on 14th Nov 1915 and had been  recommended for a commission before he was killed at High Wood, commemerated on the Thiepval Memorial.                                              

JOHN  WARD  CLAYTON   age 24    pte  26885  South Wales borderers  ( formerly  Yorkshire Light Infantry )   30th April 1917

Son of Thomas and Rose Ann  ( McNichol ),   born Keswick living in Workington.  Basra Memorial which commemorates more than 40,500 members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the operations in Mesopotamia from the Autumn of 1914 to the end of August 1921 and whose graves are not known.


JOSEPH COCKBAIN    Age 30  Pte 27348  11th Border Rgt   10 July 1917                                                                                                                           

  Native of Threlkeld, Brother of John Cockbain, of Stonethwaite, Borrowdale, buried at Coxyde Military Cemetery

PERCY COCKBAIN   age 38   Pte  20162 1st Border Rgt    24th November 1917                                                                             

Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Cockbain, of 9 Wickhams Court, Keswick, Cumberland. Percy originally went to the Dardanelles with the Border Regiment – where he had a septic leg – he was picked up and treated by the 3rd Field Ambulance.  His unit later went to France where he was wounded in July, 1916; spending some time in a Liverpool Hospital with a gun shot wound.  He recovered and returned to France, only to be killed on November 24th, 1917., buried at Flesquieres Hill British Cemeterys south-west of the main road from Cambrai to Bapaume.

17247   2nd King Own Royal Lancaster Regiment   8th May 1915


 The news has been received by their widowed mother at North Row, Bassenthwaite, of the deaths of Lance Corporal William and Private Richard Corfield, 2nd King Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, and  the story of the manner in which Mrs Mary Jane Corfield, after a long period of waiting, had her fears as to their fate in Belgium confirmed from the far-away, trenches in the Dardanelles is as sad as it is romantic. The soldier brothers were the sons of the late Mr. Alfred Corfield, who was for many years a gardener in the employ of Mr. Thomas Hartley, Armathwaite Hall, Keswick, and they resided in the picturesque valley for the greater part of their lives.

Several years ago they went into Durham, Richard being head gamekeeper and William under gamekeeper on a large estate. At the outbreak of war they joined the colours, and going out to France with their regiment they fought side by side in the trenches at Ypres when the Germans were making their desperate attempt to break the British line at that point in May. Subsequent events have shown that they fell and died almost, together. Their deaths, however, were not officially reported, and their mother made anxious inquiries. One of these was to place an advertisement in a Sunday newspaper, and it has been by this method that she has had definite news as to her sons fate. This came in a letter from Private Allen Lattimer, of the same regiment, an extract, from which is given below. Needless to say, there is great sympathy with Mrs. Corfield in her great bereavement.

RICHARD CORFIELD      age 30    Pte  16386    2nd King Own Royal Lancaster Regiment   8th May 1915

 Private Lattimer, in his letter, states: "It is with a feeling of deep regret I have to write this letter to you. I am at the time of writing in the trenches somewhere in the Dardanelles, and by chance happened to pick up part of the “Umpire “ dated 19th September, containing. an advertisement from you of news concerning your sons, Richard and William. I am very sorry indeed, to have to inform you that they were both killed on 8th May near Ypres, in Belgium. They were together in the same trench as myself Richard was killed first, a bullet passing through his head. William said to me: "I am afraid Dick is done for," and scarcely had he uttered the words than he himself was shot dead, a bullet likewise hitting him in the forehead. They both died within two minutes of each other, their deaths being almost instantaneous. There were eight of us in the same trench, and Captain Forwood, who was in charge of our Company, was another who was killed. I myself received two bullets, one in the shoulder and one through the leg, which necessitated my detention in hospital for two months. I wrote and informed the captain's wife of his death, and I often wished I had known your address previously, and then I could have informed you straight away. They were two brave men, and you can be proud that they both died doing their duty."

THOMAS  CLAUD  CLAPHAM   age 19  Pte 91858  1 platoon A company 18th Durham Light Infantry 19th July 1918

Son of Thomas and Emily Kate Clapham, of 13, Borrowdale Rd., Keswick;  Worked as a chauffeur before enlistment on 18th April 1917, entered France 30th March 1918, wounded G.S.W Head 22nd April 1918 and rejoined his unit 28th June 1918, buried at Merville  north of Bethune and south-east of Armentieres.

WALTER  COWPERTHWAITE  age 23 Pte Royal Lancaster Rgt  14th August 1918

Son of Charlotte Cowperthwaite, buried St Johns, Keswick

GEORGE  COWPERTHWAITE  age 23  Gunner  9174  Royal Field Artillery   20 August  1916

    Son of John and Mary Ann Cowperthwaite, of 8, High Briery, Keswick, Cumberland.  Killed in action, worked at the Briery Bobbin Mill  before the war.  Buried at Quarry Cemetery,Montauban, Somme.

Penrith Herald Saturday  2nd September 1916                                                                                                                                                                                            
Captain Nicholson in a letter to his father says;- It is with great regret that I write to inform you of the death of your son, Gunner George Cowperthwaite, who was killed yesterday morning ( 20th August ).  I took him out with me at 4 A.M. yesterday, together with another signaller to make a survey of a new trench which had been dug during the night.  We had  finished the job and were just starting back when a trench mortar bomb fell right between us . It knocked all three of us to the ground and on recovering I regret to say your son was dead, he had been walking in the centre and the bomb must have exploded right at his feet.  We buried him as best we could in a shell crater, but we were under heavy fire all the time.  I have marked the spot and when the line advances a bit further - which I hope will be soon - I will have a proper mound made over the grave.  Meantime I have  had a cross put up near the guns, it will be a consolation to you to know that he suffered no pain as he was killed instantly.  He was a brave ladand always cheery and unconcerned when under fire, he will be a great loss to the Battery.
Please accept my sincerest sympathy and that of the Officers and N.C.O.`s and men of the Battery in your great and sad loss.

ALLAN  ALEXANDER   CRAIGEN    age 34    Lcpl  59903   24th Northumberland Fusiliers    27th December 1917

  Son of John and Catherine Craigen, Borrowdale Rd, Keswick , coachbuilder by trade working at Grimsby at the time of his enlistment, he had been in France for twelve months at the time of his death, he was acting as orderly corporal collecting the mail from the men in the front line when a mortar bomb landed at his feet and badly wounded him in the leg, he died of the wounds he received that morning, buried at Wancourt, south-east of Arras. His brother Tom was also in France and another brother William in Mesopatamia.

WILLIAM ERNEST CROOKS    age 39     7th Btn Border Rgt      7th May   1918 

 Son of Williain and Elizabeth Crooks, of Rigg's Cottage, Bassenthwaite Lake,  Cumberland. Born at Threlkeld.

ERNEST HARFORD DALZELL   age 33      Lcpl  24959   1st Border Rgt;         19 May 1917

Husband of Sarah Jane Dalzell ( Hewer ) married 1907 at  Threlkeld, of 77, Main St., Keswick, Cumberland. Ernest Dalzell is the famous Cumberland and Westmorland fell runner, who for six or seven years came first in the Grasmere sports, he has won fell climbs at Keswick, Eskdale, Ambleside, Ullswater and Bowness as well as Burnsall, Yorkshire.  Ernest enlisted in June 1916 prior to that he kept a restaurant and ice cream shop facing Stanger St, Keswick. He was hit in the neck by shrapnel after going over the top to take a German stronghold.



HENRY WILLIAM DARGAN     age 32  Sgt  5th Btn Rifle Brigade   1st November 1918

Husband of Mary Ellen Dargan ( Moore ) married 1916, of 17, Otley Rd., Keswick, Cumberland. born Isleworth Midx, entered France 14th Dec 1914, shrapnel wound chest 2nd May 1915, gunsot wound left ankle 25th Aug 1916, gun shot wounds right buttock and head 25th May 1918, died of pneumonia at Havre, France

MARK  LAURANCE  DAVEY   age 37  4th South African Infantry  9th August 1916

    Son of John Thomas and Elizabeth Davey ( Robson ), of Keswick, Cumberland, member of Keswick volunteer fire brigade before leaving for South Africa 6 years before the war.

 Wounded in both legs by a shell at Delville Wood 18th July, right leg was later amputated but died of gangrene in  hospital, buried at Etaples, the cemetery contains 10,771 Commonwealth burials of the First World War.


WALTER DENT   age 32  Lcpl  2nd Border Rgt    23rd January 1915

    Son of James and Elizabeth Dent of Station St, Keswick, ; He originally enlisted in 1901 at Carlisle Castle; later went on the Reserve, and was recalled to the colours in August 1914 at which time he was a postman at Windermere. 

The Btn landed in Zeebrugge on 6th Oct 1914. They moved down to billets in Sailly sur Lys, and were entrenched near Cordonnerie Farm where Walter was killed 23 Jan 1915. He left a wife Mary Elizabeth (Airey) and 6 children under 9, at  3 Stanley Terrace, Birch St., Windermere.

THOMAS WILLIAM DENT   age 40  Pte 203305,    2/4 Loyal North Lancs      10th March 1917

Son of  James and Elizabeth Dent of Station St, Keswick. Enlisted at Colne, Lancs in 2nd Feb 1916. Went into trenches for the first time on 14th February 1917 at Sailly Sur Leys. He is buried at Pont du Hem Military Cemetery, La Gourge, west of Sailly.  Tommy left a wife Mary Sarah (Conlin) and 5 children.

THOMAS  DIXON  age 25  Pte 23548   5th Btn  ( Kings Liverpool Rgt )       14th October 1918

Born Braithwaite, son of William and Ann.  Killed in action.

WILLIAM  DIXON    age  34    5th Btn Border Rgt     14th  June  1915

Born Braithwaite, son of William and Elizabeth.

JOHN HENRY DOVER   age 21  Pte  23627  11th Border Rgt         15th December  1917

    Son of Reuben and Sarah Dover,  living at Stonethwaite in 1901.     Died of wounds, buried Mendinghem Military Cemetery , north-west of Ypres.

JAMES NELSON DOVER    age 31   Rfm  2nd Kings Royal Rifle Corps      20th September  1914

      Born Keswick, Living on St Johns St, Keswick in 1891, enlisted Sheffield 26th Nov 1901 to 24th Nov 1909 and renlisted June 1913 while living at 4 Banks Place,Keswick, wife Martha Jane Wise, died of natural causes on train from base at Havre to the firing line, at the inquiry the men who were with him attributed it to exposure, buried at St Desir War Cemetery.

It was not till 12th September that Rifleman Dover left Southampton, and his wife had a letter from him on the 18th, announcing his safe arrival in France. The absence of any further news aroused her anxiety and stimulated inquiries, notwithstanding the fact that the separation allowance was received regularly, but the War Office has apparently as yet had no advice of his death, for on Monday of this week her allowance was paid as usual. At the early age of 23. the war has made her a widow,with two young children a girl two and a half years old, and a boy fourteen months. Both the latter have, been suffering from whooping cough and one of them is seriously ill with bronchial-pheunomia. Though a German bullet has not laid their father low, he has died in the execution of his duty on the field of battle and for his motherland. Of an old Keswick family, Rifleman Dover was educated at Brigham School under the late Mr. T. E. Hight, and early enlisted, in the 1st King's Royal Rifles, serving in them about twelve years, seven of which he spent in Egypt. On his return to civil life and Keswick, he found employment as " handy-man with 'Mr. Anthony Spedding, of The Storms, and he married a daughter of Mr. E. Wise, shoemaker, and settled down as a family man. when the war broke out he eagerly answered the call as an Army Reserve man, and was recruited to the 6th Ring's Royal Rifles, but quickly transferred to the 2nd.

JAMES DUFFIELD     Pte 18865  7th Btn Norfolk Rgt    18th August  1916

Private Duffield was the fourth son of the late Mr James  and Annie Elizabeth Duffield Living at Helenslea, Braithwaite, he was educated at Keswick School and later learned the trade of joiner under Mr Hunter, Braithwaite.  He want to Bridgeport, Connecticut, for nearly two years and came home to take up motor engineering, and was so engaged when war broke out. ,  with his Keswick chum Harold Graves, he joined the Norfolk Regiment in February 1915 and went to france last November. Graves was killed some five months ago.  His brother Hugh has been wounded in France, another brother Hedley is in the forces at Manchester and two older brothers are doing munitions work at Glasgow and Workington.

James was killed by heavy shellfire in the advance on Pozieres Ridge.

HARRISON  EARL       age 22    Pte  260649     7th Btn Border Rgt        12th October  1917

   Only Son of Robert Earl, of Threlkeld, Penrith, Cumberland, and the late Elizabeth Earl.  He enlisted in the Cumberland  and  Westmorland Yeomanry in 1914 and had been in France for three years. Died of wounds and buried at Tyne Cot

BERTIE EASTON    age 26   Pte  170230  Army Service Corp   5th June 1916

Son of James and Annie Easton of The Kings Head, Thirlspot ; husband of the late Agneta Powley, of 5, Catherine Cottages, Keswick. Born at Thirlspot, buried St Johns, Keswick.

DOUGLAS  GORDON  EASTON   age 25  Pte 18th Australian Infantry  3rd May 1917

Son of Mr and Mrs George Easton 4 Wordsworth St, Keswick, formerly Nags Head, Wythburn, enlisted 4th October 1915 at Cootamundra, New South Wales, entered France 11th August 1916,  killed in the Second Battle of Bullecourt: two weeks of bitter trench fighting which eventually, and at the cost of 2,250 Australian casualties, cleared and held part of the Hindenburg Line. Commemerated on the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial east of Amiens.


JOHN  EDMONDSON     age 27  Pte  24717  1st Border Regt   13th April 1918                                                                                                     

Son of John and Dinah Edmondson, of Seathwaite Farm, Keswick, Cumberland. Living at the Forge, Keswick at enlistment 10th Dec 1915 , entered France 27th July 1916, wounded in action 21st Oct 1916 ( shrapnel wounds back, abdomen, left wrist and ankle ) , missing presumed dead 11th - 13th April 1918, commemerated Ploegsteert Memorial south of Ypres.


JOHN EDWARDS    Pte  14430   8th Btn Border Rgt     10th April 1918

Son of William and Mary Edwards, Kings Head Court, Keswick, working  as a gardener before the war, enlisted 7th Sept 1914, entered France 26th Sept 1915, wounded 7th July 1916 ( g.s.w face and abdomen ), missing presumed dead 10th April 1918,
commemerated Ploegsteert Memorial south of Ypres.

   age 27    Pte 26060  8th Border Rgt   10th April 1918

Son of Edwin Atkinson Evans and Fanny Evans, husband of Annie (Borthwick) 21 Rose Terrace, Keswick, enlisted terratorials 12th Jan 1909, served in India 29th Oct 1914 to 3rd Dec 1915,
commemerated Ploegsteert Memorial south of Ypres.

* Edwin`s son Edwin was killed in action in Italy, 19th Feb 1944 aged 28.

THOMAS FORSYTH       Pte 73736  28th Canadian Infantry    15th July 1917

   Mr. and Mrs. John Forsyth, Barclay House, Ratcliffe-place, Keswick, received a letter on Saturday from a chaplain with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France, stating that their son, Private Tom Forsyth, had been killed by a shell and buried in one of the soldiers' cemeteries.
Private Forsyth, who had reached the age of 28, was a native of Keswick, and received his education at Blackman's School, and then at Brigham under the late Mr Highton. He was apprenticed to the late Mr John Morley, draper, but in 1908 went to Canada where he was making good headway as an assistant surveyor in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when the war broke out. He at once volunteered for active service • and came over to England with the second contingent of the Canadian forces, and was amongst some of the first of them to see service in France. He was wounded in the head and left shoulder by shrapnel in 1916; and was invalided home but returned to his company in November last and went right away to France. He was a lad of fine spirits and always spoke cheerfully of his army life.    His elder brother, Walker Forsyth, who served his apprenticeship with the late Isaac Tyson, tailor, Keswick, is serving with the Durham Light Infantry in France.

JOSEPH  BRAITHWAITE  FISHER  age 21   Cpl  14435   8th Border Rgt         15th July 1917

    Joseph Braithwaite Fisher, second son of Mrs Fisher, Portinscale, he was a shepherd with Mr Allison, Rosthwaite before enlisting at the outbreak of war. He was born on St Herbert St, and attended Brigham School under the late Mr E Highton and for many years was in St Johns choir. His elder brother is serving in Mesopotamia.

     age 38   Sgt Machine Gun Corps      12th October 1917

Son of Robert and Jane Foster, of Keswick; husband of Hannah Foster, of 101, Main St., Keswick, Cumberland. worked as a joiner before the war, enlisted 4th July 1916, entered France 14th Dec 1916, wounded 5th May 1917 ( g.s.w. left side ), buried
Poelcapelle British Cemetery  north-east of Ypres

HERBERT FORRESTER  age 31   Pte  25441  9th Border Rgt     25th December 1918

Son of William and Sabing Forrester, of Keswick, Cumberland, England; husband of Mary E. Forrester, of 78, Salem Avenue, Toronto, Canada.


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