April 1916

Signaller Tom Wilson, Keswick,  Border Rgt, writing home from India this week says - Frank Hogarth wrote me they were leaving, so we made right for the station to make enquiries. The stationmaster told us they might arrive any minute, so we waited from 8.30 p.m until 3 a.m, when they arrived.  They were all asleep but I went to the window shouting " anybody here fra` Keswick " and turned out about twenty. they stayed here about half an hour, and what a time I saw Frank Hogarth, Charlie Brandon, Geordie and Luke Lowther, Peat,  Jack Hayton, Ritson, Tinnion and some Braithwaite lads and others. 

The other detachment is expected through at 10 to-night,  and as it is worth a long wait, I shall wait before I close the letter.  The chaps I have seen looked very fit, everybody was sleepy but happy to turn out when they heard there was a chap fra` keswick.  I went to one carriage and shouted anyone here from keswick and a voice replied " ah`s fra Braithet, if that`ll deu " it was young Nicholl Davie, I have just met the other lads and stayed three hours with them at the station. They all look well, there was Tice Hogarth, Laurie Watson,  Joe Lowden,  Harry Graves, Jack Swindle, Sammy Graves, Starly, Graham, Cartmell, and several others.

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