JAMES ERIC AITCHISON age 29 Capt Royal Artillery 19 Fld Rgt. 4th Feb 1944

Buried at Anzio, on 3 September 1943 the Allies invaded the Italian mainland, the invasion coinciding with an armistice made with the Italians who then re-entered the war on the Allied side. Progress through southern Italy was rapid despite stiff resistance, but by the end of October, the Allies were facing the German winter defensive position known as the Gustav Line, which stretched from the river Garigliano in the west to the Sangro in the east. Initial attempts to breach the western end of the line were unsuccessful. Operations in January 1944 landed troops behind the German lines at Anzio, but defences were well organised, and a breakthrough was not actually achieved until May. The site for this cemetery was selected not long after the landings at Anzio and the burials here date from the period immediately following the landings.


DENIS BROATCH age 29 Maj R.A.O.C. 14th June 1943

Son of Mrs. H. Broatch, of Keswick. Buried St Johns, Keswick

GEORGE ERIC TIPLADY BROWN    age 28 Lt Border Rgt ( 1st Airborne ) 23rd Sept 1944

Son of Mrs. Katherine J. Brown, of High Moss, Portinscale, Keswick, Cumberland. Killed in action at Arnhem and commemerated on the Groesbeek Memorial.


JOHN WILLIAM BROWNRIGG   age 43 2nd LT  Royal Canadian Artillery 19th March 1941

Son of Mary Lawson, of Brigham, Cumberland, England.


VICTOR  S. D. R. CANNING   age 20   Lt  5th Btn Grenadier Guards   6th May 1944

The Hon.. Son of Leopold Ernest Stratford George Canning, D.L., J.P., 4th Baron Garvagh, and of Lady Garvagh (nee Parker), of Keswick, Cumberland. Buried at Cassino, Italy


GEORGE CARTMELL   age 22   Pte 4th Border Rgt     1st March 1941

WILLIAM. N. DAWSON    age 28 C.Q.M.Sgt   2nd Border Rgt    1st December 1944

Son of John and Louisa Dawson. No known grave, killed in Burma. Commemerated on the Rangoon Memorial which bears the names of almost 27,000 men of the Commonwealth land forces who died during the campaigns in Burma (now Myanmar) and who have no known grave.


OWEN DENNISON    age19   Pte 9th Btn Durham Light Infantry    12th August 1944

      Son of Owen and Annie Dennison, of Windebrowe Ave, Keswick, Cumberland. Killed in the fighting around Caen and  buried in St. Manvieu War Cemetery.


WILLIAM EDWARD DOVER   age 32   Royal Army Service Corps   3rd August 1944

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dover; husband of Laura Dover, of Borrowdale, buried at Borrowdale.

ERNEST DIXON   age 22    3rd County of London Yeomanry RAC    19th Nov 1941

Son of Mrs. J. Dixon, of Braithwaite, Cumberland. Alamein Memorial

EDWIN EVANS  age 28    9th Royal Fusiliers 19th Febuary 1944

      Son of the late Edwin and Annie Evans, of Keswick, Cumberland; husband of Velma Evans, of Keswick. Buried at Rome Military Cemetery.  

Fusilier Edwin Evans, Royal Fusiliers, who was reported missing in the Central Mediterranean
in February, has now been officially reported to have died of wounds in enemy hands. He lived at Tithebarn Street, Keswick, and leaves his wife (who was formerly Miss Velma Marrs) and two young children. He was 29 years of age. At the outbreak of war, he was serving in the Territorials, and after some months' service came back to his work as clerk at Messrs. Philipson's bobbin mill at Keswick. He again joined up and saw service in North Africa and Italy. He was educated at Crosthwaite and Keswick Schools. He was of a bright, cheerful disposition and well liked by his many friends.
His father, Mr. Edwin
Evans, was killed in the last war while serving with the Border Regiment .

FRANK DERWENT GATES  age 30  Lt  Kings Liverpool Rgt   25th April 1945

 Son of Alfred and Margaret Gates Ladstock House, Thornthwaite ; husband of Muriel Gates, of Keswick, Cumberland. Attached to 2nd Btn Lincolnshire Regiment, buried at Becklingen War Cemetery which was chosen for the position on a hillside overlooking Luneburg Heath, where Field-Marshal Montgomery accepted the German surrender from Admiral Doenitz on 4 May 1945.


ISAAC W. GREEN   age 26    Sapper Royal Engineers       14th July 1941

Son of Folder and Martha Green, of Keswick; husband of Mary Isabella Green, of Keswick. Buried at Crosthwaite. Isaac was with No3 Bomb Disposal Company who were based in Nottingham.

RONALD ALEXANDER HERD   age 19   L/Bdr 321 Bty Searchlight Rgt    21 April 1941

Son of Alexander S. Herd and Jessie A. Herd, of Low Portinscale Cumberland. Buried at Plymouth (Weston Mill) Cemetery.


ROBERT MEAKIN HILLAND   age 36    Gnr Royal Artillery  107 H.A.A Rgt     19th March 1944

Son of Fredric and Eleanor Hilland husband of Mary Eleanor Hilland, of Keswick. Buried at Crosthwaite


JOHN BIRKETT HINDMOOR    age 21 Pte  K.O.S.B.      8th August 1944

Son of William Abraham and Elizabeth Ann Hindmoor, of Threlkeld, Cumberland. Killed in Normandyand buried at  St Charles de Percy War Cemetery which is the southernmost of the Normandy cemeteries. The majority of those buried here died in late July and early August 1944 in the major thrust made from Caumont l'Evente towards Vire, to drive a wedge between the German 7th Army and Panzer Group West.


KEITH PETER HOARE    age 22    Captain 44th Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C. 12 July 1943

Son of Lieut.-Comdr. Keith Robin Hoare, D.S.O., A.M., R.N., and Brenda Hoare, of Portinscale, Cumberland. Killed in Sicily and buried at Syracuse War Cemetery.


ROBERT HOLMES     age 38 Pte R.A.O.C.     6th October 1942

Son of Mrs. E. Holmes, of Keswick. Buried St Johns, Keswick


RUPERT L. T. JOHNSTON  age 28  Lt Royal Armoured Corps  22nd Dragoons 10th Nov 1942

Son of Lionel A. T. Johnson and Evelyn Johnson, of Abbots Bay, Portinscale, Cumberland.  Alexandrea military cemetery.


WILLIAM LISTON    age 24  3660649  Pte South Lancs / 6 Commando ( 5 Troop )    11th June 1944

   Billeted at 13 Acorn St, Keswick, while serving with 12 Commando. Married Joyce Douthwaite of Portinscale at Keswick  Sept Q 1943, buried at Ranville War Cemetery, Normandy

JOHN .J. MCNICHOL    age 21    Lcpl 6th Border Rgt       23rd September 1939

Nephew of Mr. J. H. McNichol, of Keswick. Buried St Johns, Keswick

JOHN MCNALLY    age 34    Cpl Royal Engineers      3rd May 1941

Son of John and Jane McNally; husband of Isabella McNally, of Keswick. Buried St Johns, Keswick. John was with No1 Bomb Disposal Coy.

REGINALD H. MAKEHAM    age 28    Pte Gordan Highlanders / No 2 Commando    23rd October 1942

Son of Reginald Linnel Makeham and Mary Susan Janet Hope Makeham; husband of Rebecca Makeham ( Downie ), of Keswick, Cumberland, married March Q 1942.

Serving with No 2 Commando Captured and later executed after the Glomfjord raid.   The first 7 men to fall victim to Hitlers Commando Order of 18th October 1942.

full story at      http://www.combinedops.com/glomfjord.htm



GEORGE EDWARD MAWSON   age 31   Pte Royal Scots    19th March 1943

Killed in the fighting in Burma and commemerated on the Rangoon Memorial which bears the names of almost 27,000 men of the Commonwealth land forces who died during the campaigns in Burma (now Myanmar) and who have no known grave.


CHARLES  TWAITES  MAYSON  Cpt RAC 33 Army Tank brigade      3rd May 1943

Buried St Johns, Keswick

ALAN MORDUE    age 25    Sgt RAC 2nd Dragoon Guards       27th June 1942

Son of William and Mary Mordue, of Keswick, Cumberland. Commemerated on the Alamein Memorial.

JAMES A. OLIVER    age 22   Gdsmn 2nd Irish Guards       2nd August 1944

    Son of James E. and Sarah B. Oliver, of The Crescent, Keswick, Cumberland. Killed in the fighting in Normandy. Buried at Bayeux War Cemetery which is the largest Commonwealth cemetery of the Second World War in France and contains burials brought in from the surrounding districts and from hospitals that were located nearby. Before joining up in 1942 he was a plumber employed by Mr A Christie, He was also a keen player for the cricket club.


THOMAS M. PENRICE    age 29   Lcpl 4th Border Rgt      8th June 1940

Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Penrice and stepson of Elizabeth Jane Penrice, of Keswick, Cumberland. Mentioned in Dispatches and buried at Quincampoix-Fleuzy, a village and commune 46 kilometres north-west of Beauvais, and 23 kilometres south-east of Aumale. Quincampoix is the main part of the commune and Fleuzy a hamlet. The graves of 4 soldiers from the United Kingdom, 2 of whom are unidentified, are on the south side of the church. 


HAROLD  B. PICKTHALL    Lcpl  Royal  Corps  Signals     11th January 1944

Son of Richard Owen Pickthall and Annie Pickthall; husband of Esther Pickthall, of Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire. Died building the notorious Burma-Siam railway, buried Chungkai War Cemetery which  is located just outside the town of Kanchanaburi, 129 kilometres north-west of Bangkok, at the point where the river Kwai divides into two separate rivers; the Mae Khlong River and Kwai Noi River.


GEORGE JAMES PURCELL   Major 2/4th Essex Rgt      7th March 1940

Husband of Jessie Purcell, of Threlkeld, buried Carlisle Upperby Cemetery.

WILLIAM PRITT     age 22     Pte 4th Btn Shropshire Light Infantry    1st July 1944

     Son of Thomas and Clara Pritt, of Keswick, Cumberland. Killed in the fighting round Caen,  buried in St. Manvieu War Cemetery.


JOHN BROWNRIGG ROSE    age 21    Pte 4th Border Rgt              5th December 1941

    Son of Herbert and Ethel Rose, of High Briery, Keswick, Cumberland.  Buried Tobruk War Cemetery, When Rommel commenced his drive across Cyrenaica towards Suez it was deemed essential that Tobruk be held,  and the resulting siege lasted from 11 April to 10 December 1941, when the Axis forces were driven back.


WILLIAM G. RUMNEY   age 19   Pte 4th Border Rgt      8th June 1940

Son of William George and Mary Ellen Rumney, commemerated on the Dunkirk Memorial which  stands a the entrance to the Commonwealth War Graves section of Dunkirk Town Cemetery. It commemorates more than 4,500 casualties of the British Expeditionary Force who died in the campaign of 1939-40  and who have no known grave.



PATRICK .G.E. SARSFIELD-HALL   age 22   Lt 3rd Irish Guards     28th October 1944

Son of Edwin Geoffrey Sarsfield-Hall and of Ethel Robin Sarsfield-Hall (nee Clowes), of Keswick, Cumberland. B.A. (Oxon.). Buried at Nijmegen which was a front line town from 17 September 1944 until February 1945. The cemetery, which was created by No. 3 Casualty Clearing station, is in a wooded area known as Jonkers Bosch, from which it took its name. Jonkerbos War Cemetery contains 1,629 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 99 of them unidentified


JAMES SINGH   age 31   Sgt  R.E.M.E      26th December 1946

Son of Harold Singh and Nancy Singh, husband of Mary Elizabeth Singh, of Keswick. Buried at St Johns, Keswick.


ALFRED TANGYE   age 33   Gnr Royal Artillery, 540 Bty., 88 Searchlight Regt.  14th December 1941

Son of Alfred and Elizabeth Jane Tangye, of Threlkeld. Buried at Threlkeld

GEORGE WILLIAM TAYLOR    age 23    9th Btn Border Rgt    28th February 1944

Son of Jonah Colin and Violet Taylor, of Keswick.  Killed in the fighting round Imphal.

THOMAS WILLIAM TAYLOR   Pte  AGE 19  K.O.S.B.   17th March 1945

Son of James and Janet Taylor, of Threlkeld, buried at Uden which lies in the south east of the Netherlands.


    age  24   4th Border Rgt    19th May 1943

Son of Wilkinson and Mary Temple; Beck Wythop, Thornthwaite, husband of Elsie Temple, of Westminster, London. Commemerated on the Rangoon Memorial.


GEORGE THOMPSON   age 40    Pte 4th Border Rgt      15th May 1941

Son of John Burns Thompson and Annie Mary Thompson, of Keswick, Cumberland; husband of Elsie Muriel Thompson, of Keswick. Buried at  Ismailia which is a small town on the west side of the Suez Canal.


KENNETH THOMPSON    age 20    Royal Corps Signals - 6th airborne     23rd July 1944

Son of Daniel Robinson Thompson and Jessie Thompson, of Keswick, Cumberland. Buried in Ranville Cemetery, Normandy.

GEORGE WALKER   age  20   6th Border Rgt    26th December 1939

Son of John & Sarah  Walker   of Cringle Dyke, Braithwaite .  George died of menengitis while home on leave and is buried at Thornthwaite

     age 23 Royal Army Ordanance Corps    7th January  1943

Son of William & Florence Wren of Threlkeld.   Buried at Enfidaville War Cemetery 100 kms south of Tunis.

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